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Denise Taylor

Denise is a well known career coach, regularly featured on radio and in print. In November 2008 she was featured on ITV's Tonight Programme, helping unemployed people get a job. She is the author of 3 career books: 'How To Get A Job In A Recession', (March 2009, and October 2011, Brook House Press), 'Winning Interview Answers For 1st Time Job Seekers' (October 2009, Trotman) and 'Now You've Been Shortlisted (February 2010 Harriman House). She is also the author of 17th Century Wedding Customs (1997, Stuart Press), signed copies of 17th Wedding Customs are available.

Denise offers a very personal career service, working predominately with individuals who want help in finding a career which matches abilities, interests, values, and more. She won a National Career Award for The Gold Career Programme in November 2007. She also helps clients with all aspects of job search - CVs, interview coaching and assessment centre prep. She won a 2nd National Career Award for the Job Search Support Programme in November 2009.

Denise is a Chartered Psychologist, Registered Guidance Practitioner and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. With an MBA and work experience including work as an Assistant Director within Royal Mail she is able to effectively support clients at Director level. She also has a real passion for working with people at the start of their career, including pre university so they make effective choices for university.

Denise has worked with well over 1000 personal clients, and also works as a consultant working on assessment centres with companies as diverse as The Cabinet Office and EDF.

Outside of work Denise enjoys living in the countryside, and is passionate about music, summers see her down the front at festivals.  She is also developing her skills as a DJ.

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